hupselos <5308>

uqhlov hupselos

Origin:from 5311
In Greek:uqhla 2, uqhloiv 1, uqhlon 6, uqhloterov 1, uqhlou 1
In NET:high 4, above 1, a high 1, arrogant 1, haughty 1, highly prized 1, uplifted 1, majestic 1
In AV:high 8, higher 1, highly esteemed 1, high things 1
Definition:1) high, lofty
1a) exalted on high
1b) with an uplifted arm, i.e. with signal power
2) metaph. eminent, exalted
2a) in influence and honour
2b) to set the mind on, to seek, high things (as honours and
riches), to be aspiring
from 5311; lofty (in place or character):-high(-er, -ly) (esteemed).
see GREEK for 5311

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