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NETBible: Strong -- 5288

hupostello <5288>

upostellw hupostello

Origin:from 5259 and 4724
Reference:TDNT - 7:597,1074
In Greek:upesteilamhn 2, upestellen 1, uposteilhtai 1
In NET:I did hold back 1, he shrinks back 1, he stopped doing 1, hold back 1
In AV:keep back 1, shun 1, withdraw 1, draw back 1
Definition:1) to draw back, let down, lower
1a) to withdraw: of a timid person
2) to withdraw one's self, i.e. to be timid, to cover, shrink
2a) of those who from timidity hesitate to avow what they believe
2b) to be unwilling to utter from fear
2c) to shrink from declaring, to conceal, dissemble
from 5259 and 4724; to withhold under (out of sight), i.e.
(reflexively) to cower or shrink, (figuratively) to conceal
(reserve):-draw (keep) back, shun, withdraw.
see GREEK for 5259
see GREEK for 4724

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