hupolambano <5274>

upolambanw hupolambano

Origin:from 5259 and 2983
Reference:TDNT - 4:15,495
In Greek:upelaben 1, upolabwn 1, upolambanein 1, upolambanete 1, upolambanw 1
In NET:I suppose 1, hid 1, think 1, to support 1
In AV:suppose 2, answer 1, receive 1
Definition:1) to take up in order to raise, to bear on high
1a) to take up and carry away
2) to receive hospitably, welcome
3) to take up
3a) follow in speech, in order either to reply to or controvert or
supplement what another has said
4) to take up in the mind
4a) to assume, suppose
from 5259 and 2983; to take from below, i.e. carry upward;
figuratively, to take up, i.e. continue a discourse or topic;
mentally, to assume (presume):-answer, receive, suppose.
see GREEK for 5259
see GREEK for 2983

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