huperballo <5235>

uperballw huperballo

Origin:from 5228 and 906
Reference:TDNT - 8:520,1230
In Greek:uperballon 2, uperballousan 2, uperballoushv 1
In NET:extraordinary 1, is incomparable 1, surpasses 1, surpassing 1, tremendously 1
In AV:exceed 3, excel 1, pass 1
Definition:1) to surpass in throwing, to throw over or beyond any thing
2) to transcend, surpass, exceed, excel
3) excelling, exceeding
from 5228 and 906; to throw beyod the usual mark, i.e. (figuratively)
to surpass (only active participle supereminent):-exceeding, excel,
see GREEK for 5228
see GREEK for 906

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