huperairomai <5229>

uperairomai huperairomai

Origin:middle voice from 5228 and 142
In Greek:uperairomenov 1, uperairwmai 2
In NET:I would become arrogant 2, exalts 1
In AV:be exalted above measure 2, exalt (one's) self 1
Definition:1) to lift or raise up over some thing
2) to lift one's self up, be exalted, be haughty
3) to carry one's self haughtily to, behave insolently towards one
middle voice from 5228 and 142; to raise oneself over, i.e.
(figuratively) to become haughty:-exalt self, be exalted above
see GREEK for 5228
see GREEK for 142

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