hubrizo <5195>

ubrizw hubrizo

Origin:from 5196
Reference:TDNT - 8:295,1200
In Greek:ubrisai 1, ubrisan 1, ubrisyentev 1, ubrisyhsetai 1, ubrizeiv 1
In NET:insolently mistreated 1, mistreated 1, to mistreat 1, were mistreated 1, you insult 1
In AV:entreat spitefully 2, reproach 1, use despitefully 1, shamefully entreat 1
Definition:1) to be insolent, to behave insolently, wantonly, outrageously
2) to act insolently and shamefully towards one, to treat shamefully
3) of one who injures another by speaking evil of him
from 5196; to exercise violence, i.e. abuse:-use despitefully,
reproach, entreat shamefully (spitefully).
see GREEK for 5196

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