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tiktw tikto

Origin:a strengthened form of a primary teko tekw \@tek'-o\@ (which is used only as alternate in certain tenses)
In Greek:etecyh 1, eteken 4, tecyeiv 1, tekein 4, tekh 1, texetai 2, texh 1, tiktei 1, tikth 1, tiktousa 2
In NET:to give birth 2, she gave birth 2, gave birth 1, give birth 1, does bear children 1, born 1, bear 1, gives birth 1, She will give birth 1, is born 1, to deliver child 1, to have baby 1, it was born 1, it gives birth 1, yields 1, had given birth 1
In AV:bring forth 9, be delivered 5, be born 3, be in travail 1, bear 1
Definition:1) to bring forth, bear, produce (fruit from the seed)
1a) of a woman giving birth
1b) of the earth bringing forth its fruits
1c) metaph. to bear, bring forth
a strengthened form of a primary teko tek'-o (which is used only as
alternate in certain tenses); to produce (from seed, as a mother, a
plant, the earth, etc.), literally or figuratively:-bear, be born,
bring forth, be delivered, be in travail.

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