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NETBible: Strong -- 5007

talanton <5007>

talanton talanton

Origin:from a presumed derivative of the original form of tlao (to bear, equivalent to 5342)
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:talanta 10, talanton 3, talantwn 1
In NET:talents 7, talent 3
In AV:talent 15
Definition:1) the scale of a balance, a balance, a pair of scales
2) that which is weighed, a talent
2a) a weight varying in different places and times
2b) a sum of money weighing a talent and varying in different states
and according to the changes in the laws regulating currency
2b1) the Attic talent was equal to 60 Attic minae or 6000 drachmae
2b2) a talent of silver in Israel weighed about 100 pounds (45 kg)
2b3) a talent of gold in Israel weighed about 200 pounds (91 kg)
neuter of a presumed derivative of the original form of tlao (to bear;
equivalent to 5342); a balance (as supporting weights), i.e. (by
implication) a certain weight (and thence a coin or rather sum of
money) or "talent":-talent.
see GREEK for 5342

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