suntithemai <4934>

suntiyhmai suntithemai

Origin:middle voice from 4862 and 5087
In Greek:sunepeyento 1, suneteyeinto 1, suneyento 2
In NET:arranged 1, had agreed 1, have agreed 1, joined 1
In AV:agree 2, covenant 1, assent 1
Definition:1) to put together with, to place together, to join together
1a) to place in one's mind
1a1) to resolve, determine
1a2) to make an arrangement, to engage
1b) to assent to, to agree to
middle voice from 4862 and 5087; to place jointly, i.e. (figuratively)
to consent (bargain, stipulate), concur:-agree, assent, covenant.
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 5087

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