sunthapto <4916>

sunyaptw sunthapto

Origin:from 4862 and 2290
Reference:TDNT - 7:786,1102
In Greek:sunetafhmen 1, suntafentev 1
In NET:Having been buried with 1, we have been buried 1
In AV:bury with 2
Definition:1) to bury together with

For all who in the rite of believer's baptism are plunged into the
water, thereby declare that they put faith in the expiatory death of
Christ for the pardon of their past sins; therefore Paul likens
baptism to a burial by which the former sinfulness is buried, i.e.
utterly taken away.
from 4862 and 2290; to inter in company with, i.e. (figuratively) to
assimilate spiritually (to Christ by a sepulture as to sin):-bury
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 2290

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