sumboulion <4824>

sumboulion sumboulion

Origin:from a presumed derivative of 4825
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:sumboulion 7, sumbouliou 1
In NET:a plan 2, plotted 2, consulting together 1, planned together 1, plotting 1, council 1
In AV:counsel 5, council 2, consultation 1
Definition:1) counsel, which is given, taken, entered upon
1a) consult, deliberate
2) a council
2a) an assembly of counsellors or persons in consultation (the
governors and procurators of provinces had a board of
assessors or advisers with whom they took council before
rendering judgment)
neuter of a presumed derivative of 4825; advisement; specially, a
deliberative body, i.e. the provincial assessors or
lay-court:-consultation, counsel, council.
see GREEK for 4825

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