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sumballw sumballo

Origin:from 4862 and 906
In Greek:sumbalein 1, sumballousa 1, sunebaleto 1, suneballen 1, suneballon 2
In NET:he met 1, he assisted 1, pondering 1, they began confer 1, to confront 1, were conversing with 1
In AV:ponder 1, make 1, confer 1, encounter 1, help 1, meet with 1
Definition:1) to throw together, to bring together
1a) to converse
1b) to bring together in one's mind, confer with one's self
1c) to come together, meet
1c1) to encounter in a hostile sense
1c2) to fight with one
1c3) to bring together of one's property, to contribute, aid, help
from 4862 and 906; to combine, i.e. (in speaking) to converse,
consult, dispute, (mentally) to consider, (by implication) to aid,
(personally) to join, attack:-confer, encounter, help, make, meet
with, ponder.
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 906

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