strateuomai <4754>

strateuomai strateuomai

Origin:middle voice from the base of 4756
Reference:TDNT - 7:701,1091
In Greek:strateuetai 1, strateuh 1, strateuomenoi 1, strateuomenov 1, strateuomenwn 1, strateuomeya 1, strateuontai 1
In NET:do battle 1, battle 1, ever serves in the army 1, in military service 1, we do wage war 1, some soldiers 1, you may fight 1
In AV:war 5, goeth a warfare 1, soldier 1
Definition:1) to make a military expedition, to lead soldiers to war or to
battle, (spoken of a commander)
2) to do military duty, be on active service, be a soldier
3) to fight
middle voice from the base of 4756; to serve in a military campaign;
figuratively, to execute the apostolate (with its arduous duties and
functions), to contend with carnal inclinations:-soldier, (go to)
see GREEK for 4756

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