antechomai <472>

antecomai antechomai

Origin:from 473 and the middle voice of 2192
Reference:TDNT - 2:827,286
In Greek:antecesye 1, antecomenon 1, anyexetai 2
In NET:he will be devoted 2, help 1, hold firmly 1
In AV:hold to 2, support 1, holdfast 1
Definition:1) to hold before or against, hold back, withstand, endure
2) to keep one's self directly opposite to any one, hold to him
firmly, cleave to, paying heed to him
from 473 and the middle voice of 2192; to hold oneself opposite to,
i.e. (by implication) adhere to; by extension to care for:-hold fast,
hold to, support.
see GREEK for 473
see GREEK for 2192

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