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NETBible: Strong -- 4712

stadion <4712>

stadion stadion or masculine (in plural) stadiov stadios

Pronunciation:stad'-ee-on stad'-ee-os,
Origin:from the base of 2476 (as fixed)
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:stadiouv 3, stadiw 1, stadiwn 3
In NET:distance 1, a stadium 1, far 1, fourteen hundred miles 1, seven miles 1, miles 1, two miles 1
In AV:furlong 5, race 1
Definition:1) a space or distance of about 600 feet (185 m)
2) a race course
2a) place in which contests in running were held, the one who
outstripped the rest and reached the goal first, receiving
the prize. Courses of this description were found in most of
the larger Greek cities, and were like that at Olympia,
600 Greek feet in length
from the base of 2476 (as fixed); a stade or certain measure of
distance; by implication, a stadium or race-course:-furlong, race.
see GREEK for 2476

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