spermologos <4691>

spermologov spermologos

Origin:from 4690 and 3004
In Greek:spermologov 1
In NET:foolish babbler 1
In AV:babbler 1
Definition:1) picking up seed
1a) of birds, esp. of the crow or daw that picks up grain in fields
2) metaph.
2a) lounging about the market place and picking up a substance by
whatever may chance to fall from the loads of merchandise
2b) hence, beggarly, abject, vile, (a parasite)
2c) getting a living by flattery and bufferoonery
2d) an empty talker, babbler
from 4690 and 3004; a seed-picker (as the crow), i.e. (figuratively) a
sponger, loafer (specially, a gossip or trifler in talk):-babbler.
see GREEK for 4690
see GREEK for 3004

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