sophos <4680>

sopfov sophos

Origin:akin to saphes (clear)
Reference:TDNT - 7:465,1056
In Greek:sofoi 3, sofoiv 1, sofouv 4, sofov 6, sofw 1, sofwn 4, sofwteron 1
In NET:wise 17, skilled 1, wise men 1, wiser than 1
In AV:wise 22
Definition:1) wise
1a) skilled, expert: of artificers
1b) wise, skilled in letters, cultivated, learned
1b1) of the Greek philosophers and orators
1b2) of Jewish theologians
1b3) of Christian teachers
1c) forming the best plans and using the best means for
their execution

Synonym : See Definition 5872
akin to saphes (clear); wise (in a most general application):-wise.
Compare 5429.
see GREEK for 5429

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