skandalon <4625>

skandalon skandalon ("scandal")

Origin:probably from a derivative of 2578
Reference:TDNT - 7:339,1036
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:skandala 4, skandalon 8, skandalou 2, skandalwn 1
In NET:a stumbling block 4, stumbling blocks 2, a trap 1, Stumbling blocks 1, causes sin 1, obstacles 1, stumbling 1, offense 1, trip over 1
In AV:offence 9, stumbling block 3, occasion of stumbling 1, occasion to fall 1, thing that offends 1
Definition:1) the movable stick or trigger of a trap, a trap stick
1a) a trap, snare
1b) any impediment placed in the way and causing one to stumble or
fall, (a stumbling block, occasion of stumbling) i.e. a rock
which is a cause of stumbling
1c) fig. applied to Jesus Christ, whose person and career were so
contrary to the expectations of the Jews concerning the Messiah,
that they rejected him and by their obstinacy made shipwreck of
their salvation
2) any person or thing by which one is (entrapped) drawn into error or sin
("scandal;" probably from a derivative of 2578; a trap-stick (bent
sapling), i.e. snare (figuratively, cause of displeasure or
sin):-occasion to fall (of stumbling), offence, thing that offends,
see GREEK for 2578

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