Sion <4622>

siwn Sion

Origin:of Hebrew origin 06726 Nwyu
Reference:TDNT - 7:292,1028
PrtSpch:n pr loc
In Greek:siwn 7
In NET:Zion 5, of Zion 2
In AV:Sion 7
Definition:Sion or Zion = "a parched place"

1) the hill on which the higher and more ancient part of
Jerusalem was built
1a) the southwestern most and highest of the hills on which the
city was built
2) often used of the entire city of Jerusalem
3) since Jerusalem because the temple stood there, was called
the dwelling place of God
of Hebrew origin (6726); Sion (i.e. Tsijon), a hill of Jerusalem;
figuratively, the Church (militant or triumphant):-Sion.
see HEBREW for 06726

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