rhipizo <4494>

ripizw rhipizo

Origin:from a derivative of 4496 (meaning a fan or bellows)
In Greek:ripizomenw 1
In NET:tossed around 1
In AV:toss 1
Definition:1) to raise a breeze, put air in motion, whether for the sake of
kindling a fire or cooling one's self
1a) to blow up a fire
1b) to fan, i.e. cool with a fan
2) to toss to and fro, to agitate
2a) of the wind
2b) of persons whose mind wavers in uncertainty between hope and
fear, between doing and not doing a thing
from a derivative of 4496 (meaning a fan or bellows); to breeze up,
i.e. (by analogy) to agitate (into waves):-toss.
see GREEK for 4496

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