rhapisma <4475>

rapisma rhapisma

Origin:from 4474
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:rapisma 1, rapismasin 1, rapismata 1
In NET:strike with fists 1, struck in the face 1, struck on the face 1
In AV:strike with the palm of (one's) hand + 906 1, strike with the palm of (one's) hand + 1325 1, smite with (one's) hand + 1325 1
Definition:1) a blow with a rod or staff or a scourge
2) a blow with the flat of the hand, a slap in the face, box the ear
from 4474; a slap:-(+ strike with the) palm of the hand, smite with
the hand.
see GREEK for 4474

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