puroo <4448>

purow puroo

Origin:from 4442
Reference:TDNT - 6:948,975
In Greek:pepurwmena 1, pepurwmenhv 1, pepurwmenon 1, puroumai 1, puroumenoi 1, purousyai 1
In NET:refined 2, burned up 1, do burn with indignation 1, flaming 1, to burn with sexual desire 1
In AV:burn 3, fiery 1, be on fire 1, try 1
Definition:1) to burn with fire, to set on fire, kindle
1a) to be on fire, to burn
1a1) to be incensed, indignant
1b) make to glow
1b1) full of fire, fiery, ignited
1b1a) of darts filled with inflammable substances and
set on fire
1b2) melted by fire and purged of dross
from 4442; to kindle, i.e. (passively) to be ignited, glow
(literally), be refined (by implication), or (figuratively) to be
inflamed (with anger, grief, lust):-burn, fiery, be on fire, try.
see GREEK for 4442

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