protithemai <4388>

protiyhmai protithemai

Origin:middle voice from 4253 and 5087
Reference:TDNT - 8:164,1176
In Greek:proeyemhn 1, proeyeto 2
In NET:I intended 1, he set forth 1, publicly displayed 1
In AV:purpose 2, set forth 1
Definition:1) to place before, to set forth
1a) to set forth to be looked at, expose to view
1b) to expose to public view
1b1) of the bodies of the dead
1b2) to let lie in state
2) to set before one's self, propose to one's self
2a) to purpose, determine
middle voice from 4253 and 5087; to place before, i.e. (for oneself)
to exhibit; (to oneself) to propose (determine):-purpose, set forth.
see GREEK for 4253
see GREEK for 5087

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