prosmeno <4357>

prosmenw prosmeno

Origin:from 4314 and 3306
Reference:TDNT - 4:579,581
In Greek:prosmeinai 1, prosmeinav 1, prosmenei 1, prosmenein 2, prosmenousin 2
In NET:they have been here 2, continues 1, stay on 1, staying 1, to remain true 1, to continue 1
In AV:continue with 1, continue in 1, be with 1, cleave unto 1, tarry 1, abide still 1
Definition:1) to remain with, to continue with one
2) to hold fast to: the grace of God received in the Gospel
3) to remain still, tarry, stay
from 4314 and 3306; to stay further, i.e. remain in a place, with a
person; figuratively, to adhere to, persevere in:-abide still, be
with, cleave unto, continue in (with).
see GREEK for 4314
see GREEK for 3306

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