proereo <4280>

proerew proereo

Origin:from 4253 and 2046, used as alternate of 4277
In Greek:proeirhka 4, proeirhkamen 1, proeirhken 1, proeirhmenwn 2
In NET:I have told ahead of time 2, foretold 2, predicted 1, I said before 1, I told before 1, we have said before 1
In AV:say before 4, tell before 2, speak before 2, foretell 1
Definition:1) to say before
1a) to say in what precedes, to say above
1b) to say before i.e. heretofore, formerly
1c) to say beforehand i.e. before the event: prophecies
from 4253 and 2046; used as alternate of 4277; to say already,
predict:-foretell, say (speak, tell) before.
see GREEK for 4253
see GREEK for 2046
see GREEK for 4277

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