prographo <4270>

prografw prographo

Origin:from 4253 and 1125
Reference:TDNT - 1:770,128
In Greek:proegrafh 2, proegraqa 1, progegrammenoi 1
In NET:I wrote before 1, was vividly portrayed 1, was written in former times 1, were marked out 1
In AV:write 1, write aforetime 1, write afore 1, evidently set forth 1, before ordain 1
Definition:1) to write before (of time)
1a) of old set forth or designated before hand (in the scriptures
of the OT)
2) to depict or portray openly
2a) to write before the eyes of all who can read
2b) to depict, portray, paint, before the eyes
from 4253 and 1125; to write previously; figuratively, to announce,
prescribe:-before ordain, evidently set forth, write (afore,
see GREEK for 4253
see GREEK for 1125

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