pragma <4229>

pragma pragma

Origin:from 4238
Reference:TDNT - 6:638,927
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:pragma 3, pragmati 3, pragmatov 1, pragmatwn 4
In NET:matter 2, things 2, legal dispute 1, practice 1, thought 1, of what 1
In AV:thing 6, matter 3, business 1, work 1
Definition:1) that which has been done, a deed, an accomplished fact
2) what is done or being accomplished
2a) spec. business, a commercial transaction
3) a matter, question, affair
3a) spec. in a forensic sense, a matter at law, case, suit
4) that which is or exists, a thing
from 4238; a deed; by implication, an affair; by extension, an object
(material):-business, matter, thing, work.
see GREEK for 4238

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