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NETBible: Strong -- 4084

piazo <4084>

piazw piazo

Origin:probably another form of 971
In Greek:epiasan 1, epiasate 1, epiasen 1, epiasyh 1, piasai 4, piasav 2, piaswsin 2
In NET:to seize 3, seized 1, arrest 1, When had seized 1, they caught 1, to arrest 1, was seized 1, took hold 1, you have just caught 1, they could arrest 1
In AV:take 7, catch 2, apprehend 2, lay hand on 1
Definition:1) to lay hold of
2) to take, capture
2a) of fishes
3) to apprehend
3a) of a man, in order to imprison him
probably another form of 971; to squeeze, i.e. seize (gently by the
hand (press), or officially (arrest), or in hunting
(capture)):-apprehend, catch, lay hand on, take. Compare 4085.
see GREEK for 971
see GREEK for 4085

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