periaireo <4014>

periairew periaireo

Origin:from 4012 and 138 (including its alternate)
In Greek:periaireitai 1, perielein 1, perielontev 2, perihreito 1
In NET:abandoned 1, cast off 1, is removed 1, slipped 1, take away 1
In AV:take away 3, take up 1
Definition:1) to take away that which surrounds or envelopes a thing
2) metaph. to take away altogether or entirely
2a) the guilt of sin, to expiate perfectly
from 4012 and 138 (including its alternate); to remove all around,
i.e. unveil, cast off (anchor); figuratively, to expiate:-take away
see GREEK for 4012
see GREEK for 138

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