peitharcheo <3980>

peiyarcew peitharcheo

Origin:from a compound of 3982 and 757
Reference:TDNT - 6:9,818
In Greek:peiyarcein 2, peiyarchsantav 1, peiyarcousin 1
In NET:obey 2, have listened 1, to be obedient 1
In AV:obey 2, hearken unto 1, obey a magistrate 1
Definition:1) to obey (a ruler or a superior)
from a compound of 3982 and 757; to be persuaded by a ruler, i.e.
(genitive case) to submit to authority; by analogy, to conform to
advice:-hearken, obey (magistrates).
see GREEK for 3982
see GREEK for 757

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