patria <3965>

patria patria

Origin:a derivative of 3962
Reference:TDNT - 5:1015,805
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:patria 1, patriai 1, patriav 1
In NET:family 1, family line 1, nations 1
In AV:lineage 1, kindred 1, family 1
Definition:1) lineage running back to some progenitor, ancestry
2) a nation or tribe
2a) a group of families, all those who in a given people lay claim
to a common origin
2b) the Israelites which distributed into twelve tribes, descended
from the twelve sons of Jacob, these were divided into families
which were divided into houses
3) family, in a wider sense, nation, people

Synonym : See Definition 5944
as if feminine of a derivative of 3962; paternal descent, i.e.
(concretely) a group of families or a whole race (nation):-family,
kindred, lineage.
see GREEK for 3962

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