paraphero <3911>

paraferw paraphero

Origin:from 3844 and 5342 (including its alternate forms)
In Greek:paraferesye 1, paraferomenai 1, parenegke 2
In NET:Do be carried away 1, Take away 1, carried along 1, take away 1
In AV:take away 1, remove 1, vr take away
Definition:1) to bear to, bring to, put before
2) to lead aside from the right course or path, to carry away
3) to carry past, lead past
3a) to cause to pass by, to remove
from 3844 and 5342 (including its alternate forms); to bear along or
aside, i.e. carry off (literally or figuratively); by implication, to
avert:-remove, take away.
see GREEK for 3844
see GREEK for 5342

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