paratereo <3906>

parathrew paratereo

Origin:from 3844 and 5083
Reference:TDNT - 8:146,1174
In Greek:parathreisye 1, parathrhsantev 1, parathroumenoi 1, parethroun 1, parethrounto 2
In NET:They were watching 1, They watched closely 1, You are observing religious 1, watched carefully 1, watched closely 1, watching closely 1
In AV:watched 4, observe 1, watched + 2258 1
Definition:1) to stand beside and watch, to watch assiduously, observe carefully
1a) to watch, attend to with the eyes
1a) of auguries, to see what he is going to do
1b) in a bad sense, to watch insidiously
1c) to watch one's self
1b) to observe, keep scrupulously
1b1) to neglect nothing requisite to the religious observance of
from 3844 and 5083; to inspect alongside, i.e. note insidiously or
scrupulously:-observe, watch.
see GREEK for 3844
see GREEK for 5083

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