paraluo <3886>

paraluw paraluo

Origin:from 3844 and 3089
In Greek:paralelumena 1, paralelumenoi 1, paralelumenov 2, paralelumenw 1
In NET:paralyzed 3, paralyzed man 1, weak 1
In AV:sick of the palsy 2, taken with palsy 2, feeble 1
Definition:1) to loose on one side or from the side
2) to loose or part things placed side by side
3) to loosen, dissolve
4) to weaken, enfeeble
5) suffering from the relaxing of the nerves, unstrung, weak of limb
6) tottering, weakened, feeble knees
from 3844 and 3089; to loosen beside, i.e. relax (perfect passive
participle, paralyzed or enfeebled):-feeble, sick of the (taken with)
see GREEK for 3844
see GREEK for 3089

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