paraiteomai <3868>

paraiteomai paraiteomai

Origin:from 3844 and the middle voice of 154
Reference:TDNT - 1:195,30
In Greek:paraiteisyai 1, paraithsamenoi 1, paraithshsye 1, paraitou 4, paraitoumai 1, parhthmenon 2, parhthsanto 1, parhtounto 1
In NET:excuse 2, reject 2, begged 1, Reject 1, I am trying to escape 1, do not accept 1, to refuse 1, they requested 1, when refused 1, to make excuses 1
In AV:refuse 5, excuse 2, make excuse 1, avoid 1, reject 1, intreat 1
Definition:1) to ask along side, beg to have near one
1a) to obtain by entreaty
1b) to beg from, to ask for, supplicate
2) to avert by entreaty or seek to avert, to deprecate
2a) to entreat that ... not
2b) to refuse, decline
2c) to shun, avoid
2d) to avert displeasure by entreaty
2d1) to beg pardon, crave indulgence, to excuse
2d2) of one excusing himself for not accepting a wedding
invitation to a feast
from 3844 and the middle voice of 154; to beg off, i.e. deprecate,
decline, shun:-avoid, (make) excuse, intreat, refuse, reject.
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see GREEK for 154

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