palaioo <3822>

palaiow palaioo

Origin:from 3820
Reference:TDNT - 5:720,769
In Greek:palaioumena 1, palaioumenon 1, palaiwyhsontai 1, pepalaiwken 1
In NET:do wear out 1, he makes obsolete 1, is growing obsolete 1, they will grow old 1
In AV:wax old 2, make old 1, decay 1
Definition:1) to make ancient or old
1a) to become old, to be worn out
1b) of things worn out by time and use
2) to declare a thing to be old and so about to be abrogated
from 3820; to make (passively, become) worn out, or declare
obsolete:-decay, make (wax) old.
see GREEK for 3820

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