paidiske <3814>

paidiskh paidiske

Origin:from diminutive of 3816
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:paidiskav 1, paidiskh 5, paidiskhn 2, paidiskhv 4, paidiskwn 1
In NET:slave woman 4, a slave girl 2, girl 2, slave girl 2, slave girls 1, women 1, of slave woman 1
In AV:damsel 4, bondwomen 4, maid 3, maiden 1, bondmaid 1
Definition:1) a young girl, damsel
2) a maid-servant, a young female slave
2a) a maid servant who has charge of the door

Synonym : See Definition 5868
and 5943
feminine diminutive of 3816; a girl, i.e. (specially), a female slave
or servant:-bondmaid(-woman), damsel, maid(-en).
see GREEK for 3816

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