paidagogos <3807>

paidagwgov paidagogos

Origin:from 3816 and a reduplicated form of 71
Reference:TDNT - 5:596,753
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:paidagwgon 1, paidagwgouv 1, paidagwgov 1
In NET:a guardian 1, guardian 1, guardians 1
In AV:schoolmaster 2, instructor 1
Definition:1) a tutor i.e. a guardian and guide of boys. Among the Greeks and
the Romans the name was applied to trustworthy slaves who were
charged with the duty of supervising the life and morals of boys
belonging to the better class. The boys were not allowed so much
as to step out of the house without them before arriving at the
age of manhood.
from 3816 and a reduplicated form of 71; a boy-leader, i.e. a servant
whose office it was to take the children to school; (by implication,
(figuratively) a tutor ("paedagogue")):- instructor, schoolmaster.
see GREEK for 3816
see GREEK for 71

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