opse <3796>

oqe opse

Origin:from the same as 3694 (through the idea of backwardness) (adverbially) late in the day
In Greek:oqe 4
In NET:after 1, during evening 1, evening 1, late 1
In AV:in the end 1, even 1, at even 1
Definition:1) after a long time, long after, late
1a) late in the day, i.e. at evening
1b) the sabbath having just passed, after the sabbath
1b1) at the early dawn of the first day of the week
from the same as 3694 (through the idea of backwardness);
(adverbially) late in the day; by extension, after the close of the
day:-(at) even, in the end.
see GREEK for 3694

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