opheiletes <3781>

ofeilethv opheiletes

Origin:from 3784
Reference:TDNT - 5:565,746
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:ofeiletai 3, ofeiletaiv 1, ofeilethv 3
In NET:a man 1, a debtor 1, debtors 1, indebted 1, offenders 1, obligated 1, under obligation 1
In AV:debtor 5, sinner 1, which owed 1
Definition:1) one who owes another, a debtor
1a) one held by some obligation, bound by some duty
1b) one who has not yet made amends to whom he has injured:
1b1) one who owes God penalty or whom God can demand punishment
as something due, i.e. a sinner
from 3784; an ower, i.e. person indebted; figuratively, a delinquent;
morally, a transgressor (against God):-debtor, which owed, sinner.
see GREEK for 3784

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