hopoios <3697>

opoiov hopoios

Origin:from 3739 and 4169
In Greek:opoian 1, opoioi 1, opoion 1, opoiov 2
In NET:as 1, were influential 1, what kind 1, what sort of person 1
In AV:what manner of 1, such as 1, of what sort 1, whatsoever + 4118 1, what manner of man 1
Definition:1) of what sort or quality, what manner of
from 3739 and 4169; of what kind that, i.e. how (as) great (excellent)
(specially, as an indefinite correlative to the definite antecedent
5108 of quality):-what manner (sort) of, such as whatsoever.
see GREEK for 3739
see GREEK for 4169
see GREEK for 5108

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