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NETBible: Strong -- 3606

hothen <3606>

oyen hothen

Origin:from 3739 with the directive enclitic of source
In Greek:oyen 15
In NET:Therefore 3, where 3, So 2, From there 1, So even 1, from there 1, so much that 1, from this 1
In AV:wherefore 4, from whence 3, whereupon 3, where 2, whence 1, from thence 1, whereby 1
Definition:1) from which, whence
1a) of the place from which
1b) of the source from which a thing is known, from which, whereby
1c) of the cause from which, for which reason, wherefore, on
which account
from 3739 with the directive enclitic of source; from which place or
source or cause (adverb or conjunction):-from thence, (from) whence,
where(-by, -fore, -upon).
see GREEK for 3739

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