Nazoraios <3480>

Nazwraiov Nazoraios

Origin:from 3478
Reference:TDNT - 4:874,625
PrtSpch:n pr m
In Greek:nazwraion 3, nazwraiou 4, nazwraiov 5, nazwraiwn 1
In NET:Nazarene 11, Nazarenes 1, a Nazarene 1
In AV:of Nazareth 13, Nazarene 2
Definition:Nazarite = "one separated"

1) an inhabitant of Nazareth
2) a title given to Jesus in the NT
3) a name given to Christians by the Jews, Ac 24:5
from 3478; a Nazoraean, i.e. inhabitant of Nazareth; by extension, a
Christian:-Nazarene, of Nazareth.
see GREEK for 3478
in Bible:
Nazarene (NET)
Nazarenes (NET)
Nazareth (NRSV, TEV)

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