moraino <3471>

mwrainw moraino

Origin:from 3474
Reference:TDNT - 4:832,620
In Greek:emwranen 1, emwranyhsan 1, mwranyh 2
In NET:loses flavor 2, made foolish 1, they became fools 1
In AV:lose savour 2, become a fool 1, make foolish 1
Definition:1) to be foolish, to act foolishly
2a) to make foolish
2a1) to prove a person or a thing foolish
2b) to make flat and tasteless
2b1) of salt that has lost its strength and flavour
from 3474; to become insipid; figuratively, to make (passively, act)
as a simpleton:-become fool, make foolish, lose savour.
see GREEK for 3474

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