monogenes <3439>

monogenhv monogenes

Origin:from 3441 and 1096
Reference:TDNT - 4:737,606
In Greek:monogenh 3, monogenhv 4, monogenouv 2
In NET:only 4, one and only 2, an only 1, only son 1, only one 1
In AV:only begotten 6, only 2, only child 1
Definition:1) single of its kind, only
1a) used of only sons or daughters
(viewed in relation to their parents)
1b) used of Christ, denotes the only begotten son of God
from 3441 and 1096; only-born, i.e. sole:-only (begotten, child).
see GREEK for 3441
see GREEK for 1096

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