mikron <3397>

mikron mikron

Origin:masculine or neuter singular of 3398 (as noun)
In Greek:mikron 16
In NET:In a little while 5, a little 4, little 2, a little while 2, A short time 1, for a little while 1, after a little while 1
In AV:a little while 9, a little 6, a while 1
Definition:1) small, little
1a) of size: of stature, of length
1b) of space
1c) of age: less by birth, younger
1d) of time: short, brief, a little while, how little!
1e) of quantity: i.e. number, amount
1f) of rank or influence
When translated "a little while", the Greek emphasises the
shortness of the time interval, "oh how little". This phrase used
often in the NT of the return of Christ.
masculine or neuter singular of 3398 (as noun); a small space of time
or degree:-a (little) (while).
see GREEK for 3398

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