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Origin:probably from the same base as 3145 and 3415 (i.e. mao, to strive)
In Greek:emhnusen 1, mhnusanta 1, mhnush 1, mhnuyeishv 1
In NET:When was informed 1, revealed 1, told 1, was should report 1
In AV:show 3, tell 1
Definition:1) to disclose or make known something secret
1a) in a forensic sense, to inform, report
2) to declare, tell, make known
3) to indicate, intimate
3a) of a teacher
probably from the same base as 3145 and 3415 (i.e. mao, to strive); to
disclose (through the idea of mental effort and thus calling to mind),
i.e. report, declare, intimate:-shew, tell.
see GREEK for 3145
see GREEK for 3415

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