metriopatheo <3356>

metriopayew metriopatheo

Origin:from a compound of the base of 3357 and 3806
Reference:TDNT - 5:938,798
In Greek:metriopayein 1
In NET:to deal compassionately 1
In AV:have compassion on 1
Definition:1) to be affected moderately or in due measure
2) to preserve moderation in the passions, esp. anger or grief
2a) of one who is not unduly disturbed by the errors, faults, sins
of others, but bears them gently
from a compound of the base of 3357 and 3806; to be moderate in
passion, i.e. gentle (to treat indulgently):-have compassion.
see GREEK for 3357
see GREEK for 3806

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