metreo <3354>

metrew metreo

Origin:from 3358
Reference:TDNT - 4:632,590
In Greek:emetrhsen 2, metreite 3, metrhsh 1, metrhshv 1, metrhson 1, metrhyhsetai 2, metrountev 1
In NET:you use 2, measure 2, do measure 1, He measured 1, measured 1, receive 1, will be the measure 1, will be measure 1, when measure 1
In AV:measure 7, mete 3
Definition:1) to measure, to measure out or off
1a) any space or distance with a measurer's reed or rule
1b) metaph. to judge according to any rule or standard, to estimate
2) to measure out, mete out to, i.e. to give by measure
from 3358; to measure (i.e. ascertain in size by a fixed standard); by
implication, to admeasure (i.e. allot by rule):-figuratively, to
estimate:-measure, mete.
see GREEK for 3358

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