metamellomai <3338>

metamelomai metamellomai

Origin:from 3326 and the middle voice of 3199
Reference:TDNT - 4:626,589
In Greek:metamelhyeiv 2, metamelhyhsetai 1, metamelomai 1, metemelhyhte 1, metemelomhn 1
In NET:I did regret 1, I do regret 1, regretted 1, will change mind 1, you did change minds 1
In AV:repent 5, repent (one's) self 1
Definition:1) it is a care to one afterwards
1a) it repents one, to repent one's self

Synonym : See Definition 5862
from 3326 and the middle voice of 3199; to care afterwards, i.e.
regret:-repent (self).
see GREEK for 3326
see GREEK for 3199

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